How to use algo/coin switching capability
If you already set up everything for normal mining, there is only a few more things left to do.

To use the algo switching mode the pool must support the XMRig Proxy Stratum protocol extensions.

1. You will need to make a file with name "algos.txt", containing entries for every algo you want the pool to send you jobs for.
An example :

"algos" :
"algo" : "normalv7",
"config" : "config-normalv7.txt",
"pools" : "pools-algoswitch.txt",
"hashrate" : 2000,
"startup_script": ""
"algo" : "heavy",
"config" : "config-heavy.txt",
"pools" : "pools-algoswitch.txt",
"hashrate" : 1550,
"startup_script": ""

By using this example you tell the pool to send you jobs for two algos : normalv7 (CNV7) and heavy.
If the pool supports these algos (you can find a list of supported algos on the pools website probably), then it will be doing algo switching for those algos.

+ The parameter "config" expects a filename to a config file where you set up everything for a specific algo (config-normalv7.txt is for CNV7 as you can guess). So on every new algo switch SRBMiner will initialize settings specific for that algo.

+ "pools" is a config file for pools, where you can define multiple pools with algo switching ability, so you have failovers too.

+ "hashrate" is a parameter where you should write the total hashrate of your rig (in H/S) for that specific algo (you can easily find it out by running a benchmark for example). This field is used by the pool in calculating what is the most profitable algo for you to mine.

+ "startup_script" can be used to run a script (batch file) before miner starts. You can for example set clocks, voltages, etc. specific to that algo

2. Now that you have algos.txt set up, make start.bat look like this for example :

            setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
@echo off
cd %~dp0
SRBMiner-CN.exe --sendallstales --config config-normalv7.txt --pools pools-algoswitch.txt --usealgoswitching

It is VERY IMPORTANT to use config files here, and not set GPU's and pool in command line.
If you do so, algo switching probably won't work. You can start with any algo you wish, because the pool will change it if it's not the most profitable algo to mine at that moment.

To always get the maximum hashrate from your Vega's, use the --resetvega parameter , so on every algo change you disable/enable your cards before mining.


SRBMiner-CN.exe --sendallstales --config config-normalv7.txt --pools pools-algoswitch.txt --usealgoswitching --resetvega