What is it ?

SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner is a simple yet very complex Windows software made for mining cryptocurrencies based on Cryptonight algorithm.
There are now a lot of different Cryptonight variations, and SRBMiner supports them all!

The built-in algo switching support can increase your profit even more! Read more about it here.

DevFee is very low : 0.85%


Supported algorithms

  • CryptoNight V8
  • CryptoNight V7
  • CryptoNight Classic
  • CryptoNight LiteV7
  • CryptoNight Lite Classic
  • CryptoNight Heavy
  • CryptoNight BitTubeV2
  • CryptoNight ArtoCash
  • CryptoNight Alloy
  • CryptoNight StelliteV4
  • CryptoNight StelliteV8
  • CryptoNight Masari (FAST)
  • CryptoNight Haven
  • CryptoNight MarketCash
  • CryptoNight B2N
  • Cryptonight Italo
  • Cryptonight Red (Mox)
  • Cryptonight Dark
  • Cryptonight Festival
  • Cryptonight Swap
  • Cryptonight Upx
  • Cryptonight Hycon
  • Cryptonight Webchain
  • Cryptonight Turtle


  • Guided setup mode for basic configuration
  • Native algo switching to always mine the most profitable coins
  • Hashrate watchdog that restarts miner on GPU error
  • Monitoring of GPU temperature, and auto turn off if temperature is too high
  • System shutdown on too high GPU temperature
  • Hashrate monitor that restarts miner if hashrate has dropped
  • Temperature and fan speed setup and monitoring
  • Startup monitor which ensures your miner starts hashing ASAP
  • API for miner statistics
  • GUI interface for miner statistics
  • Multiple pools with failover support
  • Add new pools on the fly without restarting miner
  • Difficulty monitor, reconnects to pool if difficulty is too high
  • Job timeout monitor, reconnects to pool if no job received for a long time
  • Switch your video cards to compute mode easily
  • Benchmark your config offline

Need more info ?

Join us at BitcoinTalk forums and learn everything you need to know about SRBMiner Cryptonight miner.