How to use algoswitching capability
If you already set up everything for normal mining, there is only a few more things left to do.
There are 2 types of algo switching supported :

Pool controlled
This means the mining pool decides which algorithm should be mined.
For example Monero Ocean pools support auto algorithm switching based on profitability. You can read everything about it on their FAQ page.

Manually controlled
In this mode the user sets the algorithm for every pool he/she has in pools.txt configuration file.
When manually changing pools (by pressing 'o' or 'p'), miner will automatically re-init with the algorithm set in pools.txt for that particular pool.
This also means you can set failover pools using any of the supported algorithms.

Steps that are common for both algorithm switching types:

You can edit the file 'algos.txt' (SRBMiner-CN) or 'algorithms.txt' (SRBMiner-MULTI), which contain entries for every algorithm you want the pool to send you jobs for (if using pool controlled switching). Setting up this file is important because of the various configurations that every algorithm has.

With pool controlled algorithm switching you need to set the 'hashrate' value too, and 'startup_script' if you are going to use it. (you can read what it is for under this text)
Also if you want, you can customize the configuration for every algorithm found in the 'Config' folder.

Short explanation of parameters in algos.txt/algorithms.txt:

+ "config" expects a filename to a configuration file where you set up everything for a specific algorithm. On every algorithm switch SRBMiner will initialize settings specific for that algorithm.

+ "hashrate" is a parameter where you write the total hashrate of your system (in H/S) for that specific algorithm. This field is used by the pool in calculating what is the most profitable algorithm for you to mine.

+ "startup_script" can be used to run a script (batch file) before miner starts. You can for example set clocks, voltages, etc. specific to that algorithm