Latest version

SRBMiner-CN V1.7.2

MD5: dc926eb51c053f643639fce871373667 *


What's new ?
  • Ellesmere 8Gb cards can now reach the full hashing speed on heavy algos
  • Rx550 and Rx560 should now be faster on heavy algos by ~8%, and ~5% on V7 algos
  • Rewritten a lot of stuff so kernel can now be compiled on newer video drivers too
  • Much faster kernel compilation time
  • Removed bralock, aes and kernel parameters
  • Added value 9997 and 9998 for fragments which could improve stability on some cards
  • heavy_mode 3 (experimental) is now even faster, but still can produce more compute errors than heavy_mode 1, so 1 is still the default